Saturday, November 24, 2012

EYE GLO Regular - For Tired Eyes

Since I work online, my eyes are totally drained and tired and very exposed to the computer monitor all day long. My mom always scolds me for I am taking my eyes for granted, which is very important to us, humans and all living things that has eyes.

That's then I started using correctional eyeglasses every time I work and I bought an anti-radiation LCD protector that cost around Php 1,400 for a 14 inches monitor size and I am not allowed to wash my face when I am from the computer.

And honestly, I am experiencing some blurry sights nowadays and I am really worried. So, me and my mom went to an ophthalmologist. Well, I feel much relieved when the ophthalmologist didn't prescribed me to wear a graded eyeglass yet. But, she recommended me a tablet medicine (I will make a different post about it, soon) to be taken daily and this, Eye Glo Regular for my tired eyes.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thy Love

Your lips speak soft sweetness. 
Your touch a cool caress

With each thought of you at sunrise 
And memories of you at dusk
How am I to forget your love 
If it deeply has penetrated my heart. 

Many times has thy beach written your name in sand 
Waiting for thee to come along
Many times have I writen your name in the sky 
Just for it to be blown away by a simple cry. 
But shall I write your name in my heart 
For it will last forever until my last good bye. 

I hold a heart on my hands for it has never been given away
For I wait for the last day of my life to come
And wait for your love or hate.
Though I shall not be sad if it is bad to arrive
For I will still have hope that one day you are to come
And I will be ready with my arms open.
Ready to cry, if you are not yet to arrive. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Leaveland

I bought myself a gift recently. I think I deserve a gift for myself since I worked really hard the past months. Since I was just a kid, I always fascinate for those pretty shoes on the magazines that I always saw. And now that I am already making a living myself for almost three years already, its just recently that I am able to buy a shoes for myself.

Some of my shoes were bought by my Mom and this is actually the first one that came from my own money. I'm so looking forward to buy more for myself.

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