Sunday, December 8, 2013

For My Friend Tim; Thank You!

Hello there. Wasn't able to post anything here. Many things has happened and I'm glad I'm already over it (I hope). So, it's been also months since I last talked to my friend Tim. I made a mistake to him and I feel shy about it, glad I took the courage to send him a message. I'm glad he still thinks of me as a friend. Hallelujah!!! :D

A short description of Tim for y'all. He's a Swiss guy living in Perth, Australia and of the same age as mine. He's in university. He is also a model! He has a sister and a sweet and loving parents.He is friendly, approachable, funny and uhmmm, cute(?!). Joke! He is actually good looking guy

So,Tim, here's this poem for you, saying how thankful I am to have known you and be one of my real friend even if we haven't meet yet. Maybe soon! :) I hope you know that despite what happened, nothing has change. I am still a friend and I wish you the best in everything you do.

Tim and his dog. You can see who's cute... the dog! :D

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