Sunday, December 8, 2013

For My Friend Tim; Thank You!

Hello there. Wasn't able to post anything here. Many things has happened and I'm glad I'm already over it (I hope). So, it's been also months since I last talked to my friend Tim. I made a mistake to him and I feel shy about it, glad I took the courage to send him a message. I'm glad he still thinks of me as a friend. Hallelujah!!! :D

A short description of Tim for y'all. He's a Swiss guy living in Perth, Australia and of the same age as mine. He's in university. He is also a model! He has a sister and a sweet and loving parents.He is friendly, approachable, funny and uhmmm, cute(?!). Joke! He is actually good looking guy

So,Tim, here's this poem for you, saying how thankful I am to have known you and be one of my real friend even if we haven't meet yet. Maybe soon! :) I hope you know that despite what happened, nothing has change. I am still a friend and I wish you the best in everything you do.

Tim and his dog. You can see who's cute... the dog! :D

You Should Know

I don't know how to say this,
but I thank you very much
for always being there for me
you're gentle, friendly touch

You helped me to get better
and stop what I regret
you helped me through the hard times
that, I can't forget.
thank you.

You listened to my problems
in a kind and caring way
and without you
I may not be smiling today
thank you.

I trust you with my secrets
the no one has been told
I trust you with my feelings
and in my heart, your words I'll take
until I'm grey and old
thank you.


ems said...

I'm sure your friend will so proud to have you as his pal. This is a great poem, I love it.
Keep the friendship going! God bless!

joy said...

cherish and keep the friendship :) lovely poem for Tim :)

Lainy said...

YAY! What a sweet gesture for a friend! I am pretty sure he's going to love your beautiful poem, Marie! Ikaw na ang inspired! ;-)

nova hedges said...

Lovely poem you've got there for your friend Tim, I am sure that he will always cherish you as good friend.

kulasa zen said...

Hi there Tim! you are lucky to have a very sweet friend. Your friendship is so inspiring :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ahem.. glad you took the courage to apologize or do the right thing for the sake of friendship.

Tingting R. said...

Hmmm...I sense romance in the air.

betchai said...

it's great to have a friend who is always there for us, glad everything is okay now for you two, hope the friendship continues to strengthen and grow through the years

Anne Mary said...

Hehhee I got curious about it, uhmmm yeah he is a good looking guy and your poem really means a lot.

juliana said...

Awww, that's a sweet poem. I'm sure your friend appreciates the gesture. Real friendship weathers every storm.

Candyz Nikka said...

That’s a sweet poem. It’s nice to know that you have a nice virtual friend.

Pinx said...

That's a sweet poem, I am sure he will also cherish and keep your friendship.

Jessica Cassidy said...

What a beautiful poem for Tim :-) He is one good-looking guy. I hope that your friendship will remain despite what happened. God bless you both and your friendship :-)

papaleng said...

friend lang ba? I doubt.. the way you constructed the lines just gave up yourself I'm in love. Hope I am wrong. Nevertheless this is such a wonderful poem for a friend.

Marie Imperial said...

This poem reminds me of high school. I also wrote a poem for my crush in high school and have it displayed in the board for everyone to see. Hehehehe! ^_^

Jonas Labagala said...

Nice! I hope Tim will read this one and maybe, see each other again! :D

Bjorn Bernales said...

I think you have a big crush on him. heheheh

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